Best Free Online Backup : SOS Online Backup

At very first we need to know what is SOS? SOS means Morse code distress signal. Yes SOS is such an online backup tool which may help you while you are in need. They offers a very nice application / tool to download and install in your computer. This tool covers your complete Hard Drive data and within a few clicks you can choose files / documents that you want to upload to your SOS online backup account's vault. Whenever you are in emergency just choose your urgent documents to upload and access your documents later just by logging into your account. Using SOS online backup you'll never need to lose anymore important documents as these days Hard Drive is not a safe place to keep important files as PCs are vulnerable to virus attacks and sometimes Hard Drive crashes. Try this nice online backup tool for free now just download -> install -> create account and make a backup of your files directly from your PC through SOS online backup.